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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

O, the sweet sound of relief...

Ah yes... the sweet sound of relief was definitely that of my adversaries' names being called instead of mine. It means I get to sleep tonight. It means I get to study tomorrow. It means we lost.

But how can it be considered a loss when I am at home catching the opening of Leno while they are still begging some spastic faux client to tell them how much he'd been drinking before he flipped his harley over the old lady's electric scooter... and exactly why he thinks he deserves $250,000 because of it?

They deserve it. To win, I mean... not the lack of sleep and the mounting pile of CivPro reading.

On the plus side: One of our judges said we were the best at setting a "good tone." According to him, we truly connected with the client... we became more than her attorneys. We truly became her friends.

I'll have to remember that in the future: "Think of it this way. You aren't giving a half of the 1M you just got for the loss of your right arm to a complete stranger. No... you are giving it to a friend." Doesn't that just make you feel all cuddly inside?


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