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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Blawger's Advice . . .

Legally Blonde and Mike at Barely Legal are both reporting readers frantically asking for advice on how to: (i) get in to law school; and, (ii) succeed in law school.

I applaud their attempts at giving advice. I especially give it up for Elle and her honesty .

There are two types of blawging Law Student, so far as I can tell:

1. The slacker.*
The slacker understands that you don't need to get A's to get your J.D. And once we're all on the other side, grades are just something desperate people brag about. Look at someone like Mark Lanier-- the man has made HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars as a tort lawyer. He is listed as a Texas SuperLawyer. He is one of the top tort lawyers in the nation. He failed Torts.

The slacker blogs because he can't get away with drinking during class.

2. The gifted underachiever.*
The gifted underachiever found college to be easy; high school was a joke. Law School can be somewhat of a challenge but he's not motivated enough to spend too much time studying. And even if he was, it would take work to actually learn how to study. Sure, he can get A's, but they aren't usually attributable to any real effort-- well, at least not "real effort" when compared to his classmates.

The gifted underachiever blogs because he knows he should be studying, but this is much more fun.

Otherwise, if you aren't one of these people . . . you are probably studying and NOT wasting your time posting crap on the internet.

Seriously, do you realize how much thought goes into some of the posts you read on the better blawgs?

Now ask yourself: Do I really want advice on how to study from them?

The answer should probably be "no."

*Of course, it goes without saying that slackers could also be gifted overachievers and vice versa.


Blogger Elle Woods said...

I'm a hybrid of both.

12/06/2005 2:39 PM  

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