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Friday, December 09, 2005

Who Goes to Law School to Be Poor???

A comment was made regarding yesterday's sell-out of a posting . . . that I sound like a whore.

I won't dispute this.

However, as I pointed out to the lovely Ms. Woods . . .

Look around you. You are in Law School. You are surrounded by whores.

I mean, who goes to law school to be poor?

Don't our Ethics courses teach about the burden of representing clients with which we disagree? We will research their positions, fashion the best arguments possible, and (oh so) many times those positions will rarely comport with ours.

And then we get paid.

We stood before a judge. We made an argument. We don't believe.

And we get paid.

And what is even better -- we have an affirmative ethical obligation to do so!!

Isn't the Law grand?!?!

(P.S. I am still selling my soul for money to pay the bills. So you can continue to visit the links to the side there and check out my stuff.)


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