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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back to Reality

Law School is a Crystal Palace.

And being here, looking out on the world through the distorted view of these glass walls, I begin to believe some things about life that simply aren't true.

Such as? Well, such as -- if you are diligent, if you work hard, if you know your "stuff," then you'll get ahead. And this doesn't depend upon exigent circumstances outside of ones immediate control.

Hmmph. Now, for everyone outside of this twisted little paradise for over-achievers, the truth is quite the opposite.

That is where I think we Republicans oft-times get confused. We like to tout the line that, "work hard, do good, you'll be successful." When it simply isn't so simple.

I am where I am because I was blessed with an ability that has absolutely nothing to do with "hard work." In the grand scheme of things, though, this ability is still at the lower end of the Life's Totem Pole.

I have still had to work harder, think quicker and scheme more . . . because I wasn't blessed with certain other helpful "things" many of my colleagues enjoy.

Money? We was po'. Influence? Nada.

Life just doesn't resemble the masterpiece we've painted in our minds. And, yes, Republicans are idealists, too.

That brings me back to reality . . .

The last two nights I have competed with a partner in Tech's "1L Moot Court" competition. I have participated very little in these competitions up to this point as I simply have no desire to be a member of "the Board." However, I wanted the opportunity to test my ability in a mono-y-mono duel of wits with the judge.

My partner, however, is very serious about earning a position with this organization. It is in reflecting upon his dissapointment that I was brought back to reality . . .

I knew my cases. I knew my law. I had well-memorized my facts. I even went so far as to find the dissipation rate of crack-cocaine in the average individual. My partner, for the same reasons related to the facts of the case, called the hospital to speak with them about the relevance of information in a new-mother's medical records.

The opposing counsels . . . misstated facts (and we called them on it), accused US of misstating facts (and we corrected them), misread the cases (and I pointed this out), misapplied the law (and I brought this up) . . . at one point one particular opposing counsel even went so far as to directly contradict an important argument made by his side that was a part of the record. (And, of course, this did not go unnoticed either when I "brought it to the court's attention"). They all showed a lack of real, deep preparation.

Yet, alas, they advanced and we did not.

It was a disappointment to my partner. It was not to me. I wanted to go home and sleep.

It was surprising to me. It was not to my partner. He says as soon as we stood up, the judge was never truly paying attention.

I could probably continue on in my thoughts about this but I will not. It does no one any good. And any more than what I have already stated, I'd be a Complainer.

We wouldn't want that.

Friday is the meeting to discuss getting on Law Review. That is where I want to be, and I believe I have a fairly good shot -- unless they changed the prerequisite for participation to, "must have nice smile, cute butt, great legs, and ability to pound alcohol like there is no tomorrow."

If they did, I definitely won't complain . . . so long as they'll make an exception for me.

* * * * * * * *
On another note, at the encouragement of several people I have decided to work towards a joint degree in law and science. They seem to believe that over the course of the next two short years I can complete my J.D. AND get my Masters in Crop Science (otherwise known by its more glamorous description, "plant genetics")

I have one small problem, however. I lack even a basic technical background in science. So in order to do so I will also have to "catch up" with 2 or 3 undergrad courses.

Still, this is quite exciting. I have always been enthralled by science, I have always loved the law. "Two great tastes that taste great together"? We'll see if I can do it.

It wouldn't hurt to try.


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