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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Employment Wanted

For Interested Employers:

BRIGHT AND BOUNCY GO-GETTER SEEKS SUMMER EMPLOYMENT. Prefer Researching and Writing Brilliant Legal Arguments that will make you ask, "THAT came from HIM?" But also willing to Fetch Coffee, Shine Shoes, Wash Windows, and Walk Dogs as needed. No job to big; No task to small. Please reply to Mr. Misery at the "Comment" link below. Hurry, offer good for a limited time only. First Come, First Served. One coupon per customer. Sorry, competitors coupons can no longer be honored.

I like the word "bouncy." I'm not sure it describes me, though. Perhaps I should have used the word "rolly" instead.
Anyways . . .

I have yet to find summer work.

With one firm, I was competing against 2Ls for a very limited number of positions and, unfortunately, I believe this is what "done me in."

With another prospect, he was wasting all of our time. I have heard through the grapevine that he had made his choices based entirely on the fact that they were former military. This occured, one can surmise, before I even dressed up and stressed over this non-interview which he would subject me to.

I have no problem with his choices. However, wouldn't it be nice if he had not bothered calling me in just so he could "put a face to a name," not even mention my resume, and not even have so much as a thought that he might hire me? That would have been nice.

My wife reminds me that I didn't really want those jobs to begin with based upon the length of the employment, the character of the employment, and/or the job requirements.

So? It isn't good for the ego to get rejected for a job you didn't even want.

Dean Career-Services sadly reports that this is an absolutely abysmal Spring for finding 1L employment in the great city of Lubbock. Ah yes, I can see . . .

Oh well, something will turn up. Right?


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