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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Last Juror

Revisiting the troubled seat of Ford County-- Clanton, Mississippi -- John Grisham uses this colorful little city to tell a story rivaled only by his first novel set in Clanton: A TIME TO KILL.

After THE FIRM it began to seem as if all of his novels were based upon the same tired recipe:
Main character (usually a lawyer) gets involved in something bad; the bad guys and possibly police find out and chase main character; main character runs, changes appearance, escapes several close-calls; main character devises a clever way to settle things; main character arranges a meeting with pursuers; main character sails off into sunset with a lot of money . . .

THE BROKER followed nearly the same outline. Yet I keep reading them.

Still, it was nice to read something of his that stays in the South (an area Grisham knows well and is very capable of vividly describing) and does not principally involve the CIA or FBI.

I have nothing more to write for this blog today. 'Scuse me for the pathetic plug. All the same, if anyone enjoyed Grisham's first novel, check out THE LAST JUROR.

"Take a look . . . it's in a book . . .

A Reading Raiiiiiiiiinboooooooow!"


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