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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hilton Hacked

Paris ought to just pack it up.

I don't personally care about the girl one way or another. But her celebrity is not real. It is all manufactured. So when a *real* celebrity can't even expect much privacy . . . why should Paris expect even that?

Therefore, when I read this morning that her T-Mobile Sidekick was hacked and the information posted on the internet, I thought it was screamingly funny.

Unfortunately, most of the websites hosting this information have been shut down. I found one and was able to check out some of what was found before this, too, became inoperable.

The notes Paris left to herself were interesting:

"Tell Jeff that Jess tried to bone JT"

Hmmm . . . ?

Oh, and does anyone want Pauly Shore's phone number??

She had to remind herself to call Gary Shandling. What business does Paris have with Gary Shandling, anyway?? I thought that odd. But it is Paris Hilton . . . who knows.

One must point out that Paris Hilton is as vain in reality as she seems on t.v. Every picture on her phone is of her. I don't know about you . . . but anytime I want to see myself, I can find a mirror. It is my friends and special events I want to memorialize on my camera.

Paris is all about Paris, indeed.

Of her address book, she has more #s saved than I know people. Period. But then again, I'm not Paris Hilton.

Drudge is reporting that upon contacting one of the phone numbers, this person replied:"I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she f***ing kept it on her cellphone!"

Hmm. I'm actually beginning to feel sorry for Paris now. I don't imagine she had many "real" friends to begin with. I wouldn't think this will help things.

Perhaps the most coveted phone numbers in Paris Hilton's Address Book would be the private cell phone #s of . . .

Christina Aquilera, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan & Avril Lavigne.

Seriously. This is so sweet!

My wife won't be very happy, though.

During one of those "let's talk" moments, my wife once asked me what celebrity(ies) I would want to go out with.

I, of course, (like a smart husband) replied that I wouldn't want to date anyone but her.

She answered her own question: "Rob Thomas," she said.

So after a little prodding, I told her it'd have to be-- oh, maybe-- Ashlee Simpson or Avril Lavigne.

(I know they are too young for me, but they have the punk-grrl image going. Back in my day, I wasn't always so conservative. I was straight-edge punk-- well, for awhile, hmmm. I kind of messed up on the straight-edge thing. But that's another story. Long and short of it is this: i still find punk attractive)

So, anyways, Ashlee or Avril. And she tells me that if I could ever get a date with either, she'd let me go.

Little did she know that a year later-- I WOULD HAVE THEIR PRIVATE PHONE NUMBERS!!!!

Too bad Paris didn't know Rob Thomas, huh?

She does know Luke Wilson, though. Any lady want to try your hand with him?


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