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Friday, January 28, 2005

Law School Ethics

That is an oxymoron.

Law School is more like high school than college.

In college you have your group of friends and then there is a larger group of aquaintances. Your friends, however, only occasionally share classes with you. In college, you go to class; you go home. You might sometime do some homework.

In high school, you spend all day long in the same building with the same people going to the same classes all together. The odds that drama will occur, that group politics will rage are absolutely certain.

Law School is more like high school than college. Only worse.

In high school, you aren't competing with your friends to graduate. In high school, how well you do when school is over isn't dependant on how bad your friends do now.

That is why I say the phrase "law school ethics" is an oxymoron.

I have only realized this as of late.

Your fellow students hide materials others need to complete assignments.

Your fellow students are constantly on the look-out for short cuts, hand-me-downs, and any secret information they can find. . . So that they can keep it from others.

Your fellow students will purposefully attempt to chip away at the self-confidence of their fellow students (their competitors) . . . In the hopes that they will score higher next semester.

Backstabbing. Underhanded. Conniving.

Law Students.

Two separate people recently pointed this out to me . . . and it took them to point this out to me because I had no clue that there was material I wasn't getting and secrets I hadn't been privy to. I have been completely oblivious until now.

That is why I say, for any future law students, keep your LSAT scores hidden and play dumb.

Does anyone wonder why Lawyers have developed such a bad reputation?

It is because they are hatched from Law Students.

(General Disclaimer: I do not agree that the legal profession or lawyers are bad. Not all law students are backstabbing, underhanding and conniving. There are some real good people studying the law, yours truly included. However, there are enough to warrant the present angry entry you read now.)


Blogger Anon said...

Hey- I really dig your site. I've been reading it for the past hour or so (here at work! Shhhh). Anyway, interesting read none the less.


1/28/2005 8:15 AM  

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