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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Alas, We Begin Anew

Today is the first day of the Spring '05 semester here at TTU Law.

I have arrived early, as usual, and-- as in December-- it is still dark outside and windy. Unlike December, however, the building is much quieter without so many frantic law students here finishing memos or briefs or articles while studying furiously for finals.

Speaking of Finals: I survived. I have very little to say beyond that. On the final I complained about the most-- I am happy to report-- I did receive an "A". As for the rest of my grades, they were decent. Not quite what I'd expected. Not quite what I'd hoped. But decent. Hey, I have an "A" average.

As for my class rank: It all depends upon how brilliant, or how . . . unbrilliant, my classmates were. I absolutely HATE this curved grading system.

I will be trudging through Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Property this spring along with my second installment of Legal Practice. I am enough of a Law & Order fanatic that CrimLaw ought to be interesting. (Speaking of which, RIP Jerry Orbach). I have my own interest in ConLaw. I am not so sure about Property, however.

I am tired. It is 7:30, the first day of class, 12 days into the new year. And this is an utterly boring blog entry. But, hey, I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things. So cut me some slack.


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