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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Return of Atari.

Modern technology rocks.

My wife gave me an early birthday present, partially because the dogs had started to unwrap it for me . . . and partially because I guessed what it was.

Have you seen the new-old Atari games? They take everything and shove it all into the old joystick controller! Then they throw in 10 games and, VOILA, you have Atari.

Space Invaders.




All in one joystick. modern technology is very cool.

I just wish they'd put that game with the tanks where you drive through the maze and shoot at each other. What was that called??

Oh, and one more thing. Atari is a lot more difficult than I remember. Sure we think we're sophisticated now with our 3-D effects and shoot-em-up adventures.

Yeah. You pick up an Atari joystick and keep the paddle moving back-&-forth in order to keep the ball smashing into the bricks without losing it. Not as easy as it looks, is it?

Nope. Playstation made us go soft.


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