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Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Prediction

If Kerry is elected tomorrow, it will put us at a significant disadvantage in the War on Terror. This is not, however, because of Kerry or his policies.

We will know that if Kerry wins, it will not be a result of Bin Laden's video-taped threats. However, the terrorists and would-be terrorists won't necessarily know that.

The University Daily today headlined the story that Bin Laden is seeking to recruit the more secular Muslim. If he can portray a Kerry victory as a sign of his power and influence, then he could gain those converts.

Our only option, in the wake of a Kerry victory, is to get tougher. Bush, re-elected, need only maintain the current U.S. policy. Kerry, however, would have much to prove to the 48-50% that didn't vote for him. . . and everyone else.

Kerry, as President, would HAVE TO come out swinging. Kerry's only option would be to show the Terrorists and the World that his victory IS NOT a victory for Bin Laden. Kerry would actually need to be tougher on this issue than Bush. Unfortunately, his record to this point does not lead one to safely conclude he would be.

It could happen though. Richard Nixon persecuted suspected American Communists with all the fervor of a fat kid on Halloween; then he normalized relations with Communist China.

Clinton helped pass and signed into law sweeping welfare reform.

Bush lobbied for and enacted the largest government entitlement (for prescription drugs) in decades.

So, perhaps . . . maybe . . . I will pray . . .

Kerry will actually be the leader on this issue he has yet to be thus far. Because there is a good chance we will wake up Wednesday looking to a new Presidency in 80 days.

And, as for Bin Laden: Texas will go red and it will be on the top of his hit list.


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