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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The West Wing comes too close for comfort.

I have to ask-- in watching the West Wing tonight, am I the only person in American to find a resemblance between the President on the show and the dialogue coming from John Kerry???

"undermine our moral authority"??? Give me a break.

I much preferred the way Tobey put it: the Prez is a "feckless wimp."

The current situation on the show is hitting way to close to home for comfort. The last thing we need is a President that will face down Congress, his entire cabinet and the American people... refusing to take action against a terrorist. That isn't leadership. I don't care how John Kerry wants to paint it.

That is being afraid to accept the consequences of taking a new and definite course of action. Instead, he'd rather try another round of peace talks. Let's see how NBC wants to pain the situation.

Oh, and by the way-- Alan Alda playing a Republican?? Give me a break.


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