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Monday, October 11, 2004

They need to add "Law Students" to the flu shot list.

We are a high risk segment of the population. And a week out with the flu can practically mean death. I think I will begin a letter writing campaign to the CDC.

That being said, it will have to wait. I woke up this morning with a sniffling, sneezing, stuffy-head kind of feeling. I blame myself, though. I stopped taking my vitamins and "Emergen-C" 3 weeks ago.

So I poured a packet of the powder down my throat, chased that with a one-a-day and finished it all off with some Zicam.

If I can't beat it, perhaps I can shorten it.

There is nothing like trying to decipher the Supreme Court's standard on granting summary judgment and new trial motions while your head is swimming in an impenetrable fog.

When I feel better, I'll write about seeing the movie Friday Night Lights.


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