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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Day of Judgment

There exists in the Great State of Texas a mystical band of folks-- sentinels , the Imperial Guard, the "Board" or whatever-have-you-- whose job it is to sit in judgment upon and sort through the select few.

These great Guardians of the Gate have been entrusted with the duty of keeping the sacred profession sacred. They are, indeed, all that stands between an orderly society run by the noble and good and a legal system fraught with corruption, a profession made the butt of ugly jokes and a society descending into chaos.

We now must take our stand before these heroes and proclaim our ultimate purpose.

In other words:

Our Declaration of Intent to Study Law is now due.

So I will spend the day gathering up references, trying to remember every place I have ever worked and all my bosses names from the past ten years, collecting my credit report and answering every "YES" or "NO" question in the minutest of details. ("Have you ever jaywalked? If so, attach a Continuation Form explaining in detail why you ever thought you'd get away with it!") Then I will throw in my fingerprint sheet, pack it all up, write out a check for $190 and send it all on its merry way.

The Board of Legal Examiners, for those who don't know, require this.

They believe it is their job to make sure no one of "questionable character" is ever allowed to become a lawyer.

Personally, I support them 100%. Someone has to do it.

It must be really hard, though, living with their batting average.


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