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Friday, September 24, 2004

Family Day

Thank God for the weekend. Who cares that it brings more work. It is still the weekend. Hopefully I will find the time to catch back up on my studies.

The In-Laws will be here this afternoon, though. Tomorrow is "Family Day" at the law school. That is where my family will get to experience the indescribable joy of... a law school lecture.

The wife and I are looking forward to it. We bought a new mattress set for their arrival. I will pass on a piece of advice "my ole daddy" gave me: "Choose a mattress that is comfortable enough for guests to sleep 0n, but not so comfortable they'll want to stay."

I did-- I think-- get the washing machine repaired so no more swimming in to clean the clothes. I may have even fixed the dishwasher with the same problem. (I used alot of duct tape.) I also got to use the power tools to adjust my old waterbed frame to fit then new mattress. I was-- ugh-- very male last night.

I ran in to an old classmate from preaching school. He is married and has a kid now. I guess from what he says, the whole bunch of us single preaching students are now married.

I am telling you, ladies: You want to find a good man, go hang out at a preaching school. They'll be all over you... without... uh.... actually, y'know... being all over you.

And, if you are lucky, you might even find one that will later decide to go to law school. Then you will have it all: a good man who will make a good husband, a good father and a bunch of money... and who knows how to use a De Walt circular saw, too.


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