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Friday, October 01, 2004

What's a President supposed to do?

I don't have much to say today. Perhaps I will post something more later.

I will concede the defeat of my candidate in the debate last night. He looked horrible. Just remember: substance, man, substance!

I can guarantee you there will be alot more preparation before the next debate.

Kerry had two weeks. Bush didn't have the luxury.

While he should have been holed up in some hotel like Kerry, he was out doing stuff like... I don't know... traveling the state, surveying all of the hurricane damage, and attempting to console the victims.

And, Karl Rove, what were you smoking? Did you forget about the Kennedy-Nixon debate? Why would you let him go on stage looking so out of it like he did?

Ugh. What were any of them thinking. He should have been preparing.

Instead he was actually, y'know, spending his time... being President.

(His answers were horrible, though. The questions asked of both Bush and Kerry weren't all that hot, either. And those lights! those lights!! I have to agree with Kerry's people on that one.)


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