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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Another "boring lawyer" day.

They are beginning to recur with more frequency now. One day I can be funny and find things funny--the next day not. Yesterday I became so desperate at the thought of not laughing, I went out and rented the movie "Envy" with Jack Black and Ben Stiller. I mean, c'mon, it has Jack Black and Ben Stiller. How can you NOT laugh at them? Now, I'm not sure if it is the Law or was the movie. . . but, no, it didn't happen.

I saw Rodney Carrington's sitcom the other night. Now, I can listen to the same Rodney Carrington stand-up act over and over and laugh hysterically. But, watching the show? Nope. No funny.

Perhaps my salvation will come in the form of "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss." That looks funny.

Oh well, I suppose I'll go back to studying for my "midterm" in Torts tomorrow. For this test, I get to practice my new favorite pasttime: figuring out how to sue people.

And in doing so I will have slipped further along the downward spiral until, yes... i can hear it now... the chortle.**

**refer to the post "Law School Makes You Boring." for an explanation of that vague reference.


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