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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

You've gotta spend it to make it.

Today is the "practice" midterm in Torts. I, however, decided I was not going to stress out over this one like I did with the "practice" midterm in Contracts. I'm just going to take it for the experience, if I get an "F" he'll never know since we use pseudonyms.

Prof. Contracts canceled another 3 days of class. This time it was for personal reasons. Oh well, perhaps when I'm practicing copyright/patent law I won't get many cases involving contracts.

We also have a "workshop" on building a resume, finding the right employer and getting prepared to look for a job. From the way I understand it, we begin looking for employment by our second year of law school.

This only goes to prove the point: law school is too long. Why 3 years? Why have 3 years then cram most of what we need into the first one, and let us coast through the next two?

Why? Money, I think. So they can make more money. Law school and getting into law school is such a racket. But... what am I complaining about? I've got a full scholarship.

Imagine, however, I'd actually accepted admissions into one of those schools in Virginia. Even with a 1/3 scholarship, I'd be paying something like $23,000/year. Then there are living expenses. I'd be poor forever paying off the student loans.

Oh well, at least by going to Tech I'll get my Escalade sooner.

Shiny. Silver. Tinted windows. I wonder if I could James Bond it all out?


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