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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baseball Surprise

I have been oblivious to the world of baseball since Sunday when I watched the 'Stros beat the Cards in game 4... and kept checking back with the Yanks during study breaks.

But I find out today that the Yanks played gamed 7 last night??? And LOST?? Hmm . . . where have I been? And has the world turned upside-down since I've been gone?

Oh well, the Cards and 'Stros are tied 3-3 and go in to game 7 tonight. Now, before moving to Houston, I was a BIG Cards fan. I still have the $70 McGuire jersey I bought the year he broke the HR record.

But then I started listening to the 'Stros games during those long drives around Houston. And they started winning. And I started going to games. And they kept winning. Then, invariably, every year since 98-99, if they made it to the playoffs they ran into the brick wall that was the Braves. But now they've made it this far, and it is game 7: what do I do?

It is quite cruel that both of these teams have to get this far the same year.

So, while I LOVE the 'Stros and would want more than anything to see them in the Series, I am going to have to cheer for the Cardinals.

Why? Because, simply put, I think they have the best chance of beating the Red Sox.


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