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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Movies a guy can cry at.

Friday Night Lights. Ladder 49.

I don't care how tough you are, try to watch either of these movies without getting choked up. Friday Night Lights has football, glory, football, dreams, football... and then when you finally start to relive your own high school glory days-- they lose. Not knowing the story, I'm like, "what the hell?" If you've been there yourself, you can't see this movie without getting a lump in your throat.

And as for Ladder 49... what could be more about being a man than fighting fires?? yeah, you watch that movie and tell me how you feel afterward.

Do you ever drink? You know that way you get after you're three beers past your limit? You either want to fight someone or love everyone. Exactly. Watch Ladder 49 and tell me you don't have an urge to hug some fireman, proclaiming, "I love you, man... No, i don't think you understand... You are so cool. . . rushing into buildings like that. you are just awesome. Friggin AWESOME! I just love you, man!"

Ladies, you wanna see your man break? Don't even try talking him in to renting "The Notebook"-- try one of these instead.

(One suggestion, though, don't make it noticeable when you roll your eyes as you hold your big linebacker-boyfriend sobbing against your chest. Please. It's just not cool at all.)


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