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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A New Morning

Bush won.

Not only did he win, he won with with a popular vote of 51% and with a winning margin of 3.5 million votes.

He won with 286 electoral votes.

He won. Fair and Square.

As a nation, we desperately needed this. Not since 1988 has the victor won a majority popular vote. And we needed a popular vote and electoral vote that mirrored each other.

We needed to have reason to believe our system works. And it does.

For those who still doubt this: Don't blame the nation. Dont' question the rest of us. Enough stones have been thrown over the past 4 years. Don't throw any more.

Stop and look at yourself.

In fact, not only did Bush win, Daschle lost. Louisiana chose a Republican senator for the first time. . . ever. And he won 51% of the vote running against 6 others. 11 states overwhelmingly supported "traditional marriage." Alaska defeated legalizing marijuana.

All in all, the Republicans had a very, very good night.

So, for those of you who will spend the next 4 years bitter: learn from history. Please.

Ours is a nation of moderation. I believe you may have forgotten this.

You pushed. Too hard. Too much. Too fast.

If you want to win again, you will have to stop bullying the rest of America.

I, for one, am tired of feeling guilty for being an American, for wanting a strong America, and for believing in God.

Today, in this nation, I know at least 51% of America feels the same way.


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