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Thursday, November 04, 2004

What is Right?

I am writing in response to a comment made about yesterday’s entry. This person said the election had nothing to do with morality. He based his argument on the fact the election was decided on the “vast majority of undecideds declaring they were incapable of switching boats midstream.” He then said these undecideds constituted only 3% of the Bush vote.

That means another 48%, perhaps, voted for another reason?

I have to say to him:

If you don't believe this election had anything to do with morality, then direct that comment to the major media networks. I have listened to them since Tuesday evening talking of the "Evangelical Christian" vote and "Morality" being the suprising #1 issue.

If you don't believe this election had anything to do with morality, then direct that comment to the nitwits placing comments all over the internet bashing Christians, bashing the South, bashing conservatives.

The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Conservatives have been schooled to a fair degree over the last few decades about tolerance.

(Of course, there are still those who are behind the curve but the rest should not be held to account for the sins of a few.

The other day a classmate attempted to seriously open a discussion with me on the line: "You are conservative, so you don't believe in helping people, right?"

Because I hold certain beliefs, that makes me a heartless bastard? Of course I believe in helping people. Over the last decade, I may have changed ideologies but I have never lost claim to idealism.)

Now, however, tolerance may be a lesson needed by others.

Republicans do not own the Christian God. True. But it is the Democratic party that has given a home to those who oppose everything Christian. While elsewhere the Bible has been officially labeled "hate speech," we voted out of protest because we hope this nation will never do the same . . . and we know there are those who would try.

It is time we recognize that our interests in protecting the rights of the minority do not trump the need to recognize those of the majority. The minority should not be allowed to direct this nation’s future through judicial fiat.

In recognizing this, we will allow the people of a small town in Texas to decide how they will express their faith. The one, unharmed in person and property, will not be allowed to decide what forms this peaceful expression of the ninety-nine may take.

In recognizing this, I promise that I will stay out of your bedroom. I simply ask that you stay out of my living room, out of the discussion at my kitchen table, and allow me to raise my children as I see fit.

In recognizing this, we can agree that the public schools should not be a place for teaching Christianity. Neither, however, are they suitable for teaching that Christianity is wrong.

One must remember that secular humanism is as much a set of beliefs as is Christianity. Remove one paradigm and another must take its place.

Tolerance does not include my relinquishing my rights, beliefs, and heritage to indulge your's or those of anyone else.


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