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Monday, November 08, 2004

Anxiety Time

I'm becoming worried. Very worried.

But . . . not about the finals.

I am worried because I'm NOT YET worried about the finals.

These are the first law school finals I will have taken, they are the only grades which will matter.I have never been graded on a curve before and now I am competing against roughly 60 other individuals for the few elusive "A"s to be had.

I am competing against 260 other individuals so that I can score high enough to keep my full scholarship.

Instead of burying my head in my books this past weekend, I attended a review session Saturday morning then I spent 1 1/2 hours in the Texas Roadhouse parking lot hoping for a table, went to a movie, took my wife shopping and spent time with her and relaxed a little. Now I feel all good to go.

But what is wrong with me???

I should have been nervously making outlines, reviewing flash cards, reading horn books.

I should not be able to tell you that I thought "Surviving Christmas" was actually a funny movie.

Or that a person can actually survive 1.5 hours sitting in a car waiting for the opportunity to throw peanuts on floor of a restaurant.

(And not once did I think about the liability ramifications of such an act, or if I was indemnified by the Texas Roadhouse for my actions. Do I have a duty to the other eaters? To the wait staff? I didn't care.)

I should not be able to tell you from experience that the worst possible time for Wal-Mart to have its employees stocking and clogging the aisles of the grocery section is on a VERY BUSY FREAKIN' SUNDAY AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!

I should not be able to tell you these things. But I can.


Because I am not worried about the finals.

And I am worried about that.


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