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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Contracts Today

In approximately one hour I will begin taking my first real law school exam.

Prof. Contracts likes to be different. So instead of giving us as much writing space-- and limiting the time to 4 hours. . .

He says 4 hours is more than enough time. But he has limited the space to one page per question. In that space, we are to identify the issues HE believes are the most important and argue for and against a position. Fun Fun.

First Christmas Wish: More space on the Contracts exam.

Second: More time on the Torts exam.

Third: Oh, wait, Prof. CivPro is giving a multiple choice test. I'm cool with that.

On a lighter note:
Over the past two days I have listened to every Contracts lecture since October 1st.

Prof. Contracts is a very amusing guy. Too bad we miss half of his jokes while we are actually in class . . . attempting to stay awake.


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