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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Few Thoughts

The week before finals begin.

Tomorrow is my last day for classes. Then begins what ought to be a furious studying frenzy where I amass and read stacks of old tests from my Profs, make flashcards, finish outlines, then re-do outlines, then finish them again, then re-do them, then finish them again, check notes, do practice questions, watch my hair begin to fall out, forget the sound of my wife's voice, forget the sound of my own voice, begin thinking the voice in my head is being heard by those around me, simultaneously forget that Christmas is nearly here while contemplating the following: (1) Does the letter I wrote Santa amount to an offer to be good, or an acceptance of his gifts, (2) if Santa is attacked by one of my dogs, am I liable? (3) Is Santa a trespasser . . . or could he be a business invitee? (4) If Santa fails to leave me any gifts, can I bring a type b class action claim against him on behalf of everyone else on the naughty list, seeking an injunction to get the gifts or would it be a type (c) while we seek remuneration for not having jack under our trees Christmas morning. There could also be some hazard posed by the coal left in my stocking.

But . . . the thing is, you see, I won't be doing any of that.

I haven't made any outlines.

I have neither the money to buy, nor the time to stare at, the commercial study material.

Half the time, the more I study-- the more I tend to forget.

I just found out my score from my Legal Practice final (which I took on my birthday, no less). I didn't make outlines or buy commercial materials or hunker down with study groups. I read the material assigned. I paid attention in class.

I made the highest score of the entire 1L class. (Along with one other 96%, that is).

I do feel a tinge of panic; perhaps a slight prick of insecurity as I watch my classmate's heads spin uncontrollably. But I have to wonder why they feel the need to expend so much energy.

I have a sneaking suspicion their efforts are made for one of 3 reasons: (1) Insecurity; (2) To look impressive [and intimidating]; or (3) Because they failed to do the work when it was assigned and/or failed to work at understanding the concepts when they were taught.

I am not claiming I will take home the highest scores on any of the three remaining finals. I know I will pass, however. I will, more than likely, maintain my scholarship. Of course I will study. And I won't resent those people who score higher than I.

In the meantime, between studying, I will enjoy helping my wife bake Christmas goodies. We will go to the drive-in movies this weekend. I will watch King of the Hill every night and the West Wing every Wednesday. And I will read the books I just received from

Aside from the 3 4-hour long tests I will be taking, this should be a good Christmas.


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