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Friday, December 17, 2004

Happy Rama-Hanu-Kwanzas

A punk band out of Florida recently did their own "politically correct" version of Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

O Crap-- I used the "C" word. Please accept my apologies anyone I have offended. I fully acknowledge responsibility and understand that just because you are here reading MY journal on MY page you should not have to be subjected to my Christian . . .

O Crap-- I did it again! I'm so sorry.

Anyways, so this punk band: they did this version of that, uhm, famous, uh, Holiday Carol and called it Have a Happy Rama-Hanu-Kwanzas.

I have finished all of my finals. I have finished my FIRST SEMESTER OF LAW SCHOOL!!!!!! YES!

Thank G-- oh, uh, Allah/Budda/Krishna/Rama and any other unnamed object of faith I have yet to include.

Anyways, so all I have to say to everyone is this:

Have a Happy Rama-Hanu-Kwanzas!!!!!



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