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Friday, January 14, 2005

Forget the LSAT, Go to the Gym

A short open letter to Future Law Students:

Forget the LSAT & go to the gym.

I am dead serious. Beyond getting you into a particular school, your LSAT score means absolutely nothing.

O sure, it could mean bragging rights to say you were in the top 5% . . . or so you think now. But once you get here, if you are real smart you'll just keep quiet about your score. Y

ou don't want anyone to know what your LSAT score was. I promise. It will just bite you back the next January when the first grades come in.

So, just keep it to yourself . . . and, most importantly, don't sweat it now.

Instead: Go to the gym.

That is the key to success in Law School.

You see, I stopped going to the gym my last year & a half of college. That was not a smart move. I lost some strength, lost some muscle.

That was strength I needed, muscle I needed . . .to carry my books home.

Not kidding, kids. These books are HUGE. HUGE. Between them, your computer, your research, your notebooks, your supplements . . . etc, etc, etc . . .

Real success in Law School, it has nothing to do with your LSAT score-- it comes from having gone to the gym


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