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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Back from the Dead~~

My computer is feeling much better now . . .

and I would like to thank all of you wonderful people out there that sent get-well cards, well-wishes, and much much love.

After a major surgery and a couple days rest time, it is up and running.

A few other notes:

1.) I had another interview yesterday. This was, by far, the MOST awkward and uncomfortable. I walked in, was asked to sit and he explained: "This really isn't going to be your typical interview. I just want to put a face with your name. So do you have any questions for me?" And then I proceeded to interview him. After a series of questions, I found out:
(a) he clerked at the same place for 2 years while a student;
(b) he'd written appellate briefs as a student and I took a look at a large 5-issue brief, discovering it was well written;
(c) he has two children;
(d) he is a JAG reserve officer and we discussed his current responsibilities in this position.

Then when I ran out of questions, it got real weird and I completely "geeked-out". Can you think of anything more assinine to say than: "We have a lot of military at Tech. They are nice. I think the military is neat."

UH . . .

"neat" ???

Eh . . . I wasn't really wanting to spend my summer playing golf with a bunch of lawyers anyway. Oh, well. Experience.

2.) I was inducted into the Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity last night. At Tech it acts as an "honors" legal fraternity. We did not have to attend the initiation ceremony, but I'd read about it and it sounded impressive. Well, the general attitude that prevailed seemed to be: "Eh, we gotta do it. Let's get it over with." The most life I saw out of the bench during that 20 minute ceremony was when the last line of the script was read and the "Chancellor" finished with an invitation to go get our "drink" on. I got dressed up for this?

3.) Tonight the In-Laws come in to town. We are going bowling. Woo Hoo! I've gone a couple times in the last week and bowled 8-9 games. (Which is more games than I'd bowled in the first 26 years of my life) Anyway, I bowled a 163. "So?" you say. Hey, it might as well have been a 300 . . . I squealed like a little girl. I think I need my own ball now and one of those wrist braces . . . and a John Deere cap and some skoal. I am on my way.

4.) I have signed up for 1L Moot Court. Prepare to be crushed! (I'm not sure if that is directed at myself or my competitors . . . but I promise, someone will be crushed.)

Have a great Sring Break to all my lovely lovely fellow students!


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