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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Supremes Say "No" to Killing Kids

Yesterday the Supreme Court handed down a decision which will ban the death penalty for anyone under the age of 18.

Just another reason 17 is such a freakin' awesome age!!

From a Texan's point of view I have to say: "C'mon, though, Suup-remies -- we weren't ACTUALLY killing kids. Naw . . . we are totally humane!! They may have gone to jail at 12, but we DO WAIT. We keep 'em alive 'til they are adults . . . THEN we shoot 'em full a juice."

From a Future Attorney's point of view I say: "Kiddos, if you're thinking of going on a killing spree . . . Make sure you do it before your 18th birthday. It'll make my job a whole lot easier!"

In my serene opinion, the whole discussion is ridiculous. Of course it is inhumane and cruel to sentence a TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD to death (and I don't care how heinous the crime was). Yet how can we so arbitrarily decide that at 12:01 AM on your 18th birthday, you are an adult and capable of facing an adult punishment-- but at 11:59PM, 2 minutes prior, you were not.


In reverence to the Supreme Court's decision, I am including a thought from "Well, Duh: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Smart to Ask":

Why is cruel and unusual punishment against the law?

Who are we kidding? All punishment is cruel. If they locked you up in a nice hotel suite with room service, cable TV, and a swimming pool, that wouldn't be punishment. It would be the Holiday Inn. And, we've been punishing people for so long, it's pretty hard to find an unusual way to do it. "First, we're going to put this bag of gum-drops on your foot, the 500-pound bag. Also, you have to watch OPRAH reruns for the next ten to twenty years." Now that would be unusual punishment.


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