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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Interview Update

In the midst of my cold-induced, medicinally-enhanced haze I attended my second interview last week on Tuesday. It was the larger firm. The interview went well, I thought.

I would ask, however, how difficult is it to ask probing creative questions? Though I think I dealt well, I felt like a deer in the headlights when the primary two questions asked were:

1. (opened with) "So, tell us all about yourself."

AND (after a short bumper question about a paper I presented at a conference in '98)

2. What should we know about you that we can't get from your resume?

I still am not sure whether those questions are really good ones or really bad ones. They are uncomfortable ones. That, I am sure of.

The interview the Saturday before went well also. Well, with the exception of the fact that I was asked to sit on a sunken couch through the interview. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a professional posture in a suit while balancing yourself on he edge of a low couch? But I asked him about a case he argued in front of the state appeals court last fall and let him take it. The next 20 minutes of the interview just consisted of me nodding and smiling while he put his feet up on he coffee table and went on a tirade about the ignorance of a particular judge.

I think that interview went well.

I got the call from the Criminal District Attorney's office (Appellate Division) yesterday.

That may be a fun job.

Given 2 weeks, can I improve my golf game enough to hang with these guys?


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