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Monday, March 14, 2005

A Mixed Bag

Having survived the weekend, more or less, I now look forward to a week of ease . . .

1. I saw ROBOTS and would highly recommend this movie to everyone.

2. Though it was delivered free-of-charge, The Little Panda is not a restaurant I'd recommend for Chinese in Lubbock, Texas. However, I will admit that there will probably be a time when I am too tired and/or too lazy to hastle with a buffet, though really craving Chinese, and I will order again from there. Is it too much to ask that when you order "fried rice" you get real FRIED rice and not simply flavored steamed stuff??

3. I spent nearly my entire day devouring John Grisham's new book. I bought two last night and will read the other tomorrow. If I have time, I might venture later this week to Barnes&Noble and purchase a cheap copy of a Tolstoi novel. I've read Crime&Punishment till I have it memorized and would really like to try the Brothers Karamov (sp?)

4. Rent MEAN CREEK. Go out and rent it soon. And then will someone correspond with the Writer/Director of this film and ask him what happened to the kids after the movie ended?? As a future-lawyer I spent 45 minutes pondering the complexities of Criminal Law and how it might be applied to what these kids were involved in . . . Negligent Homicide? Perhaps, if that. What do you think?

5. Finally, I also plan to prepare for the Moot Court competiton having printed out the text of each decision we are allowed to use on "Issue One", I will read them and brief each one for my partner. I also need to get ahead in my reading for all of my classes given my free time.

6. Check back with me next Monday . . . see how much of what I need to do, I have actually done.


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