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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Voice of Terri Shindler-Shiavo

"Family Research Council has just received an exclusive audio recording of Terri Schiavo's verbal interaction with her father on Friday, March 18, 2005, immediately following the removal of her feeding tube."

You listen to this. You listen to her. Tell me she’s a vegetable now.

They are lying about Terri's condition.

She is NOT a vegetable. She is handicapped. And we are not living in 1930's NAZI GERMANY!

We are not supposed to starve to death a handicapped woman simply because she can not function as the rest of us . . . especially when that woman was never given the chance to recover.

We are not in the business of picking and choosing what innocent life is worthy of seeing tomorrow.

We are Americans: compassionate, caring, and respectful of life.

At least we ought to be . . .

She can’t speak, but she desperately wants to. It is painfully obvious. It is SUCH a shame she’s missed a DECADE of medical treatment and attention which could have helped her regain the ability to form those precious words.


She has been without food or water for four days now. If you don't know why . . . or you only think you know why . . . please read my post below from last Friday.


Anonymous Sarah said...

This once again proves that murder and subterfuge are strong in the heart of Michael Shiavo. It looks like he is going to win, too. I hope that once Ms Shindler is free of his 'personal care' HIS suffering begins! And I'd rather trust the voice of Ms Shindler than all the lies spouted by Shiavo in all the television programmes he had been on in his nationwide quest to smother the spark of this beautiful lady.
All the best.

3/22/2005 5:53 PM  
Blogger Moonlighting in Misery said...

Thank you for your comment, Sarah.

Tonight, waiting for the 11th Circuit to give us some inkling of hope that there is still sanity in the courts . . . I began to think.

I can only hope that in one way or another, her pain is soothed soon.

Winston Churchill once said that when in doubt, always choose life. Always choose life. Death you can't get out of.

I sincerely believe that Terri has shown through her lonely 14-year struggle against all odds that she HAS chosen life.

Overcoming near-starvation three times, surviving infections, etc. without the help of medicine . . . she has chosen life.

But I also believe that if the fight is lost, Terri has treasures in store which are so much more.

The biggest losers will be the rest of us . . . because we will have lost someone who, though we never knew her personally, has come to mean so much to so many people.

3/22/2005 7:53 PM  

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