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Thursday, September 29, 2005

When Life Hands You Lemons . . .

Squeeze them, use the juice to fill a Super Soaker, and shoot Life in the eyes.

Well, in keeping with my blind date analogy, my OCI interviews have given me about as much fulfillment as the blind dates in my life have given me.

Two of the three most serious relationships in my life started with a blind date. The rest went no where.

So, if the trend continues, all I need is one good one-- one good firm that will appreciate my dry sense of humor, that won't mind my eclectic taste in music, or the fact that I'm a snob when it comes to the theatre.

One good firm that will appreciate my cooking, will be willing to watch a wide range of movies with me from "Dude, Where's My Car?" to "Reservoir Dogs" and "The Notebook," or that won't be offended by the fact that I have fairly well-developed sense of style when it comes to decorating my office without the firm's help.

One good firm that will let me watch football and make a fool out of myself yelling at the t.v. when the Broncos play, will not get upset when I turn my head to watch another firm walk by, and won't have a problem integrating the fact that I am fully capable of both decorating while watching "The Notebook" on the same day I spend 4 hours drinking beer while watching the Broncos play and drooling everytime the cheerleaders are shown . . .

Someday I'll find this one good firm and I'll be your associate for life.

Well, unless, that is, that firm is friends with another firm who has a summer associate that would be real impressed if the two got together for a little firm-on-firm action and I ended up finding this out from another firm who is jealous of my current employment and wanted to break us up.

But I'm an optimist. I'll assume that isn't going to happen. And if you are faithful to me, I'll be faithful to you.

I realized something yesterday, however. After talking with Dir. Career Services, I realized that I might be compromising my needs, forgetting my values . . .

We'll see how OCI finishes. I've only received 6 letters so far. 6 of 12. I've heard some actually keep you waiting, they tease you-- keep you living with a little hope-- as they jump from summer-hopeful to summer-hopeful, who keep rejecting their advances . . . all the while they have you waiting in the wings, like a fool. Just in case. Until they give you that call in the middle of the night, "Hey, guy, I was thinking 'bout you earlier tonight . . . want to come over?"

Anyway, we'll see how OCI finishes and then I'll share my "realization" with you.

Until then I want to set the record straight: I did not lie to the Red Cross. I actually just didn't answer the phone.


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