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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How Can You Be "Somewhat" Anonymous?

Good question. I don't know.

And the more people that know who "Moonlighting in Misery" is, of course, the less I will feel free to do things like . . .

make fun of midgets and metrosexuals.

tell you I am actually 6'3" and look alot like Ryan Gosseling, but better.

pretend I am Harriet Miers' illegitimate love child, the product of an illicit short-term affair between her and George W. and that I know for a fact the real reason she's been nominated is because she is very good at keeping her mouth shut.

For the conservatives out there, that could at least give you some assurance where she stands on abortion . . . right? Maybe not.

Well, I know I definitely can't convince you that my torrid beginning is also the reason the state of Texas is paying for my education.

(Of course not, if that were the case I'd have joined my half-sister at UT-- if I could've afforded it.)

Oh . . . But, I will say this, mom does have a naked picture of Reagan above her bed. (I've seen it. But it's a young Reagan. When he was married to Jane Whats-Her-Name. Not bad. At least she has taste.)

Anways, so I have to watch what I say . . .

Afterall, if humor is a very powerful medium.

Then what the hell is this?

Another Shameless Plug: BUY MY STUFF. please.

The Links are over there -->

Go on, you can see them. ----->

Buy something. ---------------------->

And then go have a drink.

You will feel better.

I promise.


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