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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I Love Adam Smith & Other Observations

I didn't know they were just handing out Supreme Court nominations now.

And, besides that, how come I am always the last one to get this information? Hmm? I mean, now I can gaurantee you I'll be at the very back of the line . . .

Probably right behind Marcia Clark. And that isn't a good feeling.

But then again, maybe if we can get some legislation passed to alter the judiciary--which isn't such a hair-brained idea given this President's lack of respect for the Constitution, [See George Will's recent column which I have linked to here], maybe --just maybe-- we can create a 6 month rotating shift for the Court.

Then the Court won't be so backed up on business and I can finally appeal that pesky small claims case made against me by taking it to the Highest Court in the Land. Oh, and I'll finally have a chance to wreak havoc with the Constitution as the 9th person on the Court.

For at least 6 months, that is.

Speaking of "small claims," I am beginning to agree with an editorial I read a few months ago about putting Judge Judy on the Court.

Why the hell not?! She has more judicial experience than Ms. Miers and can you imagine how much fun the oral arguments would be with Justice Judy sitting on the wing? She would definitely make up for Thomas' silence.

'Course I don't know if Judge Judy is conservative. But that isn't quite the point right now . . .

The point is experience, achievement . . . being worthy of a LIFETIME APPOINTMENT TO THE PINACLE OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Of course I'm not arguing Miers is not conservative enough.

For all I know she has a poster of a naked Adam Smith tacked up above her bed, her two St. Bernards are named Barry and Goldwater, her fish she's dubbed William, F., and Buckley, and her idea of a Saturday night good time would be the midnight bombing of abortion clinics . . .

I really don't care how conservative she is.

I just think there were so very many others who have proven their merit and deserve such an honor.

I sincerely hope this is a joke. Or an ingenious political ploy.

And I also hope the potentially-future Justice Miers never reads this post.

I can just picture oral arguments before the Court one day.

Miers: Allow me to interrupt the discussion of your client's First Amendment rights for one moment, Mr. Moonlighting.

Misery: Yes, Madame Justice?

Miers: Really, Mr. Moonlighting, a naked picture of Adam Smith??

Misery: Yes, Madame Justice. It was a reference to your admirable adherence to the ideas of fiscal conservatism.

Miers: Well, it was not funny, Mr. Moonlighting. I'll have you know I have never had a naked picture of Adam Smith above my bed . . . it was Ronald Reagan.


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