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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dreamweaver . . .

Does anyone out there have a degree in psychology? Because I could use a little counseling.

Or maybe you have a dream interpreter book. That would work, too.

Two nights ago I quit law school to become an actor (a former desire of mine) and I ended up a bad comedian playing in a tent in an amusement park.

Last night my dreams started off with me going to a dark theatre . . .

(I'd been reading about "fixtures" for Secured Transactions and the example of theatre seats was used. So maybe that explains why I was in a dark theatre. Who knows?)

But as I'm walking up this dark staircase, some guy comes up behind me and puts a blade at my back & wants me to get undressed. Without thinking, I pull out my pocket knife and stick him in the side. He falls, I tie him up, and then I leave him there bleeding while I call the police.

Then it gets real weird.

I completely flip. I kill a prostitute with the same pocket knife. I escape home and prepare for the war against the dinosaurs.

(I know! Dinosaurs?!)

So, while I'm telling my family I'll protect them against the Raptors at the door, I'm lighting cherry bombs and bottle rockets and shooting them at the creatures trying to get in.

But then I realize the dinosaurs are police. I've had a psychotic break and the police -- with the help of my traitorous family -- finally subdue me and I'm taken off to a mental institution.

Next thing I know, I've recovered. And I am living on the coast somewhere. Near a big prestigious school. And I am buying a floating cabana.

There are lots of floating cabanas. Mostly filled with retirees. And I'm running for mayor of the floating city of cabanas. (Hmm, could this be Del Bocca Vista, Phase 3?)

I just keep worrying that my history of psychotic violence doesn't become an issue in the campaign.

And there is someone named Kidd Hodgett. I think he was a former pirate that helped found the school. In any case he built a secret passageway through which I liked to go.

Does anyone know a Kidd Hodgett??

And why am I having such strange dreams?

Maybe Law School does more than just make you boring . . .

I think it is making me crazy, too.


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