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Friday, July 22, 2005

What does it profit a man . . .

. . . to gain for himself some mystic kind of self-respect by facing down his Law Professor over an inconsequential matter.

And lose the respect of his classmates and, certainly, his professor in the process??

I can't see as it does.

Today in class, Prof. Income Tax asked the class to open our Tax Code books to a certain section in order to explain something on capital gains & losses. We all complied.

Well, save for one obstinate soul in the front row.

Now, at first, when the professor asked him if he was going to open his Code, I assumed he was without it and the professor (who doesn't excuse this oversight, either) was merely chastising him for this.

But I looked over a shoulder to see that the student's book sat there right in front of him, closed.

The exchange was something like this:

Prof. Income Tax: -----, are you going to open you code with the rest of us?

Student: [blank stare]

Prof. Income Tax: You should open it and follow along with the rest of us.

Student: [continued blank stare]

Prof. Income Tax: Is there a problem?

Student: [even more blank staring]

Prof. Income Tax: Well, -----, you know you might actually learn something if you were to read your book and follow along with the rest of us.

Student: [Again, you guessed it, a blank stare]

This, of course, was followed by smiles and muffled laughter . . . not, I assume, aimed at the professor but at the idiot in the front row.

Some might say he ought to be thankful for anonymous grading. But I ask this:

If the grading is completely anonymous, then how exactly can a professor propose to "reserve the right" to bump a grade up or down depending upon class participation and attendance??

Hmmm . . . answer me that!



Blogger drizzlenightsky said...

I don't know what statement the idiot in your class is trying to make but back in college my Biology professor insisted that we all take notes during his looooong and I mean loooong lectures.

I'm not the type to take notes since I have a very good memory so I hardly ever wrote anything down unless it's some super complicated term like say, tachycardia or some other unfamiliar word. On about the third meeeting, he called my attention and outrightly told me to take down notes as according to him, it's a "good way to study." When I told him I don't need to he announced to the entire class that I would be summarizing the day's lecture (3 hours' worth) in full detail just before class ends to purposefully humilate me.

Let me just say he didn't succeed.

7/23/2005 12:25 PM  

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