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Monday, October 24, 2005

Make Me an Offer I Can't Refuse

I just completed what will be my final interview-- a late-comer to OCI. Final. No more.

Going in to this one my attitude was noticeably different. I have one job offer, which I've yet to accept come to think of it, that will fill half of my summer.

I was thinking I'd fill the other half with an unpaid judicial internship at the Federal district level.

So when I went in to this interview, I did so with none of the weight I'd carried into my others. Will this make a difference when they make a decision? Who knows!

The questions varied with this one, however. And if not the questions, the answers definitely did.

Interviewer1: When and why did you decide you wanted to become an attorney?

Misery: When I was twelve. Up to that point I'd wanted to be in the mob. And, well, Lawton, Oklahoma just isn't the best place to . . .

Interviewer1: To get the hard street education, right?

Misery: Exactly. But then I saw a mob movie with a lawyer as a prominent character and decided, "Hey, I can do that!"

Interviewer1: Do you remember what movie?

Misery: Mobsters. With Christian Slater and Patrick Dempsey. I wanted to be Meyer Lansky. Well, I mean . . . once I realized I couldn't be in the mob and I couldn't stand the sight of blood-- so being a doctor was out.

Interviewer2: But don't mobster's deal with blood?

Interviewer1: Not if you are the mob boss.

Misery: Exactly. Or the lawyer. Then you can just cover your ears and avert your eyes. Tell them you don't want to know.

Interviewer1: Do you know what Meyer Lansky was most famous for?

Misery/Interviewer2: No. What's that?

Interviewer1: He built Las Vegas. With the wars going on, he figured it'd be a perfect stopping-off place for the foot soldiers going back and forth.

Misery: See, good role model. He was a true innovator.

Interviewer1: Yeah. I just watched "Godfather 2" this weekend. Robert Duvall plays the consegliere. He was an attorney.

Misery: Then I guess I'm in good company.

I actually really enjoyed this interview. There was some chemistry going on there . . . if it were a blind-date, I would've invited her back to my place for a little of the "Godfather" trilogy . . . and, y'know, whatever else . . .

So what do you guys think? Will I get a "call-back"????

Or will I wake up tomorrow staring at a horse's head?
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