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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"He is a Stand-Up Guy"

Saturday is my birthday.

It is also the annual Texas Tech-OU game, to be played in Lubbock this year.

I was raised in OU Country and my stepfather is a die-hard fan. Originally, he'd planned to come to Lubbock and take me to the game for my birthday. The tickets, at the time, could be bought for about $60. In the time since these plans were made back in August, plans have been changed. My parents won't be coming.

Yesterday I noticed a bunch of people dumping their Tech-OU tickets for $25 each. I couldn't help but wonder if this was a result of last week's fiasco in Stillwater. So I asked a fellow Law Review staff member.

He didn't know the reason and we talked a bit about the game. He said he had season tickets and was looking forward to watching a couple of OU's players. I told him my story and that I couldn't afford tickets. We went on to talk about other things.

This morning he asks me if I'd bought any tickets. When I answered, "no," he went to his carrel and returned with his.

"I talked to my girlfriend," he said, "and I decided I really need to spend some time studying. So I won't need these tickets. Would you like them?"

Of course studying is just an excuse. I am absolutely floored as a result of his generosity, I feel guilty taking them. I am not quite sure how to thank him.

I told a friend about this and her reply was, "Yeah, he is a stand-up guy."

That is a bit of an understatement.

I have said so for some time, and will continue to say-- there is no one more deserving of the E-i-C of Law Review next year. Given the feigned attempt at annonymity on this blog, I am not going to give his name out . . .

But any interested parties with the ability to vote for next year's Executive Board, I will make it quite clear that I believe he is the absolutely most capable person for the job. First, of course, he has to be convinced to run for the position.

I will start promising favors later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY....just a few days early....

11/16/2005 3:07 PM  

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