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Friday, December 16, 2005

Recent Conversation

Mr. Misery: Congratulations on being selected as a tutor for Prof. So-and-So. That's impressive.

2L: Thanks. You were too.

Mr. Misery: Yeah, for [insert 1L class].

Other 2L: I didn't think you could be a tutor 2 semesters in a row.

Mr. Misery: Oh. I think they're desperate. There aren't too many people willing to field phone calls from neurotic 1Ls asking impossible hypotheticals at 2 a.m. during finals week.

2L: [astonished] You have to do that?!

Mr. Misery: No. I told them 2 weeks out not to bother me anymore. And I sent their questions to the professor.

Other 2L: What did the professor say?

Mr. Misery: Not to bother him either.

2L: So I'm tutoring [such-and-such] class. Do you think I still need my book, or can I sell it?

Mr. Misery: Do you know the stuff?

2L: No. But neither do they . . . so who's going to know the difference?

Mr. Misery: True. Too true.


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