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Monday, March 20, 2006

On the Dry Erase Board

On the third floor, which serves as the Law Review offices here at Tech Law, we have a white dry erase board . . .

On which you can sometimes find truth so inherently simple -- and yet so profound -- that it is likely to be passed without notice.

Today I find this:

Law Review = Time

Time = Money

Money to Some = Happiness


Happiness to Some = Time minus anything related to Law Review

I feel like the MIT professor who first discovered the completed equations on the board in Good Will Hunting. Amen.

DISCLAIMER: Walking Tort neither endorses the content of this blog, nor finds anything about it even mildy entertaining. That being said, Camel Nose Under the Tent now owns Moonlighting in Misery and so just be thankful I have allowed him time to write this nonsense in between his picking up my dry cleaning and waiting on me hand-and-foot.


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