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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sit Back & Enjoy

I am currently waiting for the rib-eye and caesar salad I ordered to be delivered to my hotel room via the short, and patient, hispanic man working room service this evening.

I love room service. Probably too much.

I am in Metropolis tonight. Over the next two days I have several depositions and two interviews with former attorneys in the Metropolis D.A.'s office in contemplation for future depositions.

We are suing Metropolis.

What do I love about this town? I love that it is a conservative city, yet every person I speak with about our civil rights lawsuits has the same reaction--

"They deserve to get paid. Alot."

Metropolis, Metropolis
That toddling town
Metropolis, Metropolis
I will show you around -- I love it!

Ah well, back to room service.

I have made many visits to this city in the past year and stayed overnight several times. Each time I spent my precious time shopping around to find cheap hotels.

But then it occurred to me--while I don't want the reputation that I spend too much money--or that I enjoy going on these trips (which I truly don't, I miss my family) . . .

I'm a lawyer. I am making people money. I shouldn't have to sleep with the roaches in some bargain basement Motel 6 so I won't look like I'm just trying to spend other people's money, as well.

I like this hotel much better. And yet it really isn't that expensive. Although I do have to tip.

Just wait . . . Wednesday I fly to D.C. and I'm staying at the Holiday Inn on the Hill. That place charges $380 per night.

The hotels in D.C. are just like the politicians we send there, if you ask me.


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