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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Obligatory Post

I guess I should post something for the 2 or 3 people that come on a regular basis. But I don't have much to talk about. It has just been a really bad past few days. Sooooo . . . I'll just include a couple of, well, my past "writings"

A Relationship of Art

This time she took my hand and led me into the night alone
I’ll walk along a web of hope in the same moment our love has grown

The garden is gone the roses the dance
I drop my guard I’ll take the chance
Just keep my hand don’t let it go
We’ll enjoy this moment and drink it slow . . .

It had been hours since the dancing music has died
While I’ve sat in the stillness and silently cried
I’ve danced the last dance at the crossroads of hope
I’ve wished my last wish and penned my last trope

‘Tonight in this darkness, this passion, this palace
All the world dreams of her kiss”
Tonight in this moment, this comfort, this future
I know all I need is this:

Misfortune has found her and fashioned her strength
Forming the woman she is and will be
We share the same wants and think the same thoughts
And, my Beauty, she shines so for me

And this one I wrote a long time ago:

The Night’s Last Dance

Is it wine and roses her eyes devour
Or the starlight reflected in mine
Is it the touch and passion this night, this hour
Or a blessing completely divine

She leads to dance slowly to a rhythm she feels
A rhythm known only to her
He feels himself falling completely completely
And drinks as this moment endures

Tonight in this darkness, this passion, this palace
All the world dreams of her kiss
He bows to her lowly for his soul’s only solace
Dreaming “forever” in ignorance sweet bliss

The candles will flicker and the wind it will blow
And the starlight will fall from the sky
When she finishes this dance to his heart’s ebb and flow
O, my poor soul it will flicker and die


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