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Friday, May 27, 2005

Property Fun

I suppose Prof. Property was not amused with my attempt to utilize the Toddler Property Laws in an examination of rights, privileges, immunities . . . (etc.) . . . of an owner of a piece of property, now subdivided, and subject to a right-of-way easement. . .

Well, at least he expressed as much with the grade I received from the class.

Other theories on why I didn't do as well as I should have:

1. My computer crash 24 hours prior to the exam and partial loss of my outline as a result put me at a significant disadvantage when a combination of the stress and anxiety over the occurrence combined with then incomplete last minute studying caused me to fair poorly;

2. Again, see (1.) but add to that only 4 hours before the test I was offered a job from a firm, which I accepted, but asked that it be verified my summer class schedule would not conflict . . . and I anxiously awaited a follow-up phone call which did not come;

3. At some point between my entering the classroom and anal-retentively laying out my pencils, pens, watch, water, aspirin, inhaler, stress coozie, security blanket, Magic 8 Ball and three hits of speed . . . my body was mysteriously inhabited and possessed by the ghost of a less studious former law student who now walks the halls exacting his revenge on those who would actually like to participate in, and get an offer from, OCI in the Fall.

This is not at all an unlikely thought as I don't remember the test and I don't remember what I wrote BUT I do remember leaving that afternoon feeling very disturbed by what had just transpired; OR

(And this is my favorite.)

4. Prof. Property DOES subscribe to the stairwell-grading method and, as my bluebook was so heavily ladened with spent ink, lead, and white-out from my four-hour writing melee . . . it happened to tumble farther down the stairs than several of my classmates.

Ah, I think I'll accept that: It is because I wrote so much that I was credited so little. Yes!

Problem is, I honestly don't remember writing much of anything at all . . . there's the rub.


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