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Monday, May 16, 2005

Manic Grade-Checking

And thus begins my mania.

It is now the Monday following the conclusion of Finals and I will keep my computer ever-close by so that I may hit the "refresh" button on the TechSis website every ten minutes in the futile hopes that even just one of my grades may now be decided and posted.

I do this, though, with no actual hope of getting a grade today

. . . or tomorrow

. . . or this week at all, perhaps.

I do it because I can't stop. It is an addiction.

Somewhere, on the other side of this internet connection, sits a professor leafing through page after endless page in our hastily scribbled handwriting, in prematurely well-worn bluebooks, and he is determining where I will stand at the conclusion of this summer.

O, the agony . . . the pain . . . of waiting.

I just hope none of my profs subscribe to the "stairwell grading" technique (though I have one I suspect would.) At times it seems as if they all do . . .

(For those who don't know-- it is were a Prof. will take all of the tests and toss them down a stairwell. The ones that land on the upper-most steps get "A"s, the next "B"s, and so on and so forth according to the curve.)

I would suspect it happens more than one thinks . . .


Anonymous mandrill said...

You've done the finals. There is nothing you can do now to affect the results. So why worry? Use your energy to do something more productive.
The results will come when they come. Its time to chill out and relax. breath a big sigh of relief that its all over (at least till next year).

5/19/2005 9:23 AM  

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