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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Office

It must be, hands down, the best comedy on television.

I don't care if I have a final on Wednesday, and I didn't start studying for it until 3:00 Tuesday afternoon . . . I will take 30 minutes to watch Steve Carell portray nearly every boss I have ever had.

(Which begs the question: is it a requirement that a person be completely dense and clueless before becoming a mid-level manager?)

I am looking forward to the episode where Steve Carell decides to implement the "office awards" and he starts handing out cheap dime-store koozies and hats imprinted with the company logo, "Dunder-Mifflin," on them. Then everyone returns to their desks to complain about the crap they'd just had doled out to them while Dwight plots to steal Jim's "fruit-of-the-loom" t-shirt with the iron-on logo and replace it with his own "Dunder-Mifflin Paper" bumper-sticker.

Of course, at the end, Steve Carell's character will confidently confide to the camera: "Yeah, I think I did good today. Look at them out there enjoying their awards. It was definitely a big morale boost. Oh, yeah, we'll do it again next quarter."



Blogger mandrill said...

You should try and get your hands on the original british version of the office. By all accounts its better than the U.S. remake. Personally its not to my tastes but most of my friends love it. (I have this thing about Ricky Jervais, can't stand the man.)

4/23/2005 2:23 PM  
Blogger Moonlighting in Misery said...

I have heard that the British version puts the American one to absolute SHAME . . .

And it is available here for rent . . .


I'm afraid it would completely ruin Steve Carell's version.

And no one is taking this treat from me!

4/23/2005 4:57 PM  

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