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Monday, April 25, 2005

The bane of my existence

Last week we completed and turned in our Appellate Briefs for Legal Practice: part deux.

As a result of the mental anguish I have been so burdened with, I have found myself quite unable to even utter a word on the subject, much less revisit it with much detail . . .

I now make an attempt.

First off-- the Bluebook.


Reading the Bluebook is like trying to decipher the ancient Aramaic language in the Dead Sea Scrolls and putting together a coherent account of the Gnostic Gospels, including the fact that huge pieces of them seem to be missing and its your job to guess what ought to be there . . .

In other words: it doesn't make a bit of sense. None. Not a bit. And I am supposed to be using THAT to write my piece de resistance.

Who in their right mind decided that proper writing requires the use of different types of (of all things) DASHES?! Is it an "M" dash that is needed? Or an "N" dash?


What's more -- When you immerse yourself in these things, it bleeds through into your sleep.

I SWEAR, over the course of 4 nights, I would lay on my side facing left and I would argue the case in my sleep one way. Then I would wake up and turn over and find myself in my dreams arguing the opposite way.

When I told someone that in law school you “eat, sleep, and breathe the law” . . . silly me, I thought that was just a metaphor.

Goodnight, dear diary.


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