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Friday, May 06, 2005

A Fate Worse Than Death

Isn't there an old Woody Allen movie titled, "The Gods Must Be Laughing" . . .

or maybe that was "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

And maybe it was Mel Brooks, not Woody Allen.

All the same, it doesn't matter . . . they are both.

Los examens de estes dos semanas son muy muy MUY importante!

These tests are uber important, in other words.

That is why I have to ask: "Donde es el bano?" I have to throw up.

Last week, just a few days prior to my first final, my wife-- and then I -- came down with strep throat. I went to the doctor. SHE was concerned about my blood pressure, not the strep.

I told her that, OF COURSE, my blood pressure is going to be high . . . I have finals, I'm not ready, I'm broke, and my tonsils are about to swell up to gigantous proportions.

She just scheduled me to come back before my Criminal Law final for a follow-up on the blood pressure. Oh, and told me I can't drink coffee . . .

Can't drink coffee?!?! Uhm . . . FINALS?! During this period, that is all I drink.

Well, lucky for me, the strep was a very mild case. I took two days off my LAST WEEK and spent them studying anyways at home in bed.

And I survived my Constitutional Law test. I think I actually did very well. I bumped into Prof. ConLaw yesterday and we talked about it. Apparantly he did not intend to include such issues as "void for vagueness." But he'll give me credit for pointing out these extra issues on my exam . . . I'm not going to argue.

Yesterday I was revising my outline and was about-- oh, lets say -- 15 MINUTES away from being done . . .


I tried doing CPR, aspirin under the tongue, bouncing it off the walls . . . i even made some make shift "paddles" to shock the damned thing back to life.

Huh uh. It came to just long enough for me to recover my outline (2 pages shorter) and e-mail it to a friend.

I lost all of my Criminal Law notes I will need for the exam next week.

Then DHL came and took him away.

I will get a new one if they can't get his heart started back at the DELL repair center. Either way, I should get it back in about 5 business days.

Let's see: send it out thursday. They get it friday. Of course its friday so they don't really work on anything until monday. Monday (1), tuesday (2), wednesday (3), thursday (4), friday (5) . . .

I should get it back friday. Okay.



At least I'll have it back just in time to begin working on the write-on packet for Law Review.

Fun Fun.

I'm going to go study now.

Good night dear diary.


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