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Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday SpiesĀ©: "Would You Rather?" Edition

1. Live alone on a deserted island for 10 years or be paid handsomely to live at Neverland Ranch with the King of Pop for one year?

Now this is a hard one. Let's consider it:

Deserted Island for 10 years -- Well, if I had someone replenishing my supplies AND a comfortable little bungalow just up from the beach AND a large library of books AND a good supply of pens and paper . . . its sounds like it could be an excellent way to live, even without people. Companionship? I have Faulkner and Dostoevsky, among others . . .

Neverland Ranch for one year -- I would be paid to do nothing but ride rollercoasters, watch tv, and listen to Beatles records all day long. O, and I would get to live with a monkey. (Seriously, I don't mean Michael . . . doesn't he have a real monkey?) I don't think I would have to worry about being raped by the king of POP while held down by his bodyguards . . . I'm too old, too big, and not sick enough for Mr. Jackson.

I think it's a draw.

2. Be deaf or blind?

Deaf. I think it better I not explain why. Things could get nasty.

3. Have skin which changed color depending on your mood or visible sight lines?

Skin that changed color. A person can choose their mood, whether happy or sad. Its about taking control and making a decision. Otherwise, you become a victim of events.

But I am a guy, where my eyes go is entirely out of my control . . .

4. Spend a year in prison or a year on tour with Celine Dion and John Tesh?

Does it matter? Either way you will come out with a tattoo and some CRAZY stories to share with your friends when playing your next game of "I've Never."

On second thought, maybe prison-- at least I could write a book about my experiences there. On the other hand, who would want to read a book about a year on tour with Celine and John Tesh???

5. Have threesome with your close friends or with total strangers?

Absolutely no comment.


Anonymous Felinevamp said...

No comment on #5? I suppose it would depend on whether they were male or female and what sexual orientation you are. Either close friends or strangers could be interesting, though.

Oh, my blogger site is:

I just don't update there as much. Found you through Blogshares in case you're wondering...

5/20/2005 12:33 PM  

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