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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Stairwell Grading Confirmed (More Property Fun)

Okay. I was right. I knew I had to be.

I spoke with two people yesterday about the grades returned by the illustrious Prof. Property.

Person One: Misery, d'you get done with your packet for Law Review?
Mr. Misery: Yeah. Finally. Now I just have to deal with a constant feeling of foreboding and anxiety for the next- ooooh, say - 6 weeks.
Person One: Eh, you really shouldn't worry . . .
Mr. Misery: (shaking head) Nope. Prof. Property took care of that. I thought with my grades, but --
Person One: Did you get a [unnamed grade]?
Mr. Misery: Actually, yes . . . how did you know?
Person One: I've talked to two, three other people in our section that usually get [unnamed desirable grades] but they got [unnamed, undesirable grades].

Soooo . . . out of curiousity. I called a good friend to inquire about grades. (A friend who doesn't know what anything but an "A" looks like . . . puts me to shame.)

Mr. Misery: I didn't do well in Property.
Friend: Oh, that makes me feel better. I didn't either. I actually got a [a little more undesirable grade].
Mr. Misery: Crap. What the hell happened???
Friend: Maybe he didn't grade on a curve and he gave us what we deserved?
Mr. Misery: Maybe he didn't grade them at all, really . . .
Friend: Or maybe he's just a Communist.

Okay, well . . . my friend didn't really make the last comment-- but, I mean, it could happen. It is obvious from looking at the grade distribution that he graded on a curve. Maybe he wanted to shake things up a bit? Equal us out after the first semester?

I'm not bashing Prof. Property. I loved his course. He reminds me of the Prof. from the Paper Chase -- only with a dry sense of humor and no cute daughter. Well, he might have a cute daughter. I've never inquired. I don't think that would have helped my grade any.

And he's one of the pre-eminent scholars on an area of law in which I am interested . . . so I am going to take a class again with him in the fall before he retires.

I just know for next time: Don't write so much. Weighs it down and it'll tend to fly farther when he throws them.


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